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Esports Training For Youth - A Handbook

This handbook introduces a best practice approach for youth in esports by giving everyone interested an equal opportunity to benefit from high-quality esports training. It contains guidelines for everything from setting up a program, creating the right environment and conducting training sessions.

With a special focus on the physical and mental health of participants, anyone using this book can contribute to the development of soft skills, mental resilience and interpersonal communication skills of youth through the appropriate esports training.

This handbook is primarily aimed at coaches and staff of esports youth organizations but will also help parents, guardians, teachers and so on gain valuable insight into the world of esports training and how it can benefit youth around the world.

By making this handbook available for international use, the goal is to coordinate and equalize the standards of esports training for youth internationally. As the esports scene expands, we feel it’s essential to build training for youth in esports on the same grounds internationally to ensure stability and a level playing field.

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